In a letter to the United Nations, international bodies and personalities, Insan urges for an urgent intervention to stop the forced displacement of Palestinian Jerusalemites and settler attacks

In a letter that was sent today, Insan Center for Democracy and Rights urged the Secretary General of the United Nations, the President of the Security Council, the United Nations envoy for peace in the Middle East, the Secretary-General of the European Union, and the Commissioner for Foreign Policy of the European Union to urgently intervene to stop the forced displacement of Palestinian Jerusalemites and settler attacks. The center stated that it denounces the Israeli occupation practices against the residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and its successive threats to them to evacuate their homes, after the issuance of a decision by the occupation courts to evacuate the families of Al-Kurd, Al-Qasim, Al-Jaouni and Iskafi at the beginning of May, and the families of Al-Dawoudi, Dajani and Hammad until early August. The Center considers that the courts of the occupation are partners in the crime, as they encourage its racist practices, acts in violation of the system of justice and fairness, and encourages the practice of more terrorism.

Insan added that residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood are in danger, and are at risk of displacement again, after their first displacement from their cities and villages in the 1948 catastrophe, which necessitates urgent intervention to put an end to the occupation’s racist practices, and to stop the crimes of forced displacement and ethnic cleansing, especially in the occupied city of Jerusalem and its villages, and for the United Nations to establish Its role in providing redress to the victim, fighting the criminal and bringing peace.

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