HRIA condemns the interference of the Israeli occupation authorities in the Palestinian elections, and urges the international community to compel the occupation to stop interfering in the internal Palestinian affairs

HRIA condemns the Israeli occupation’s interference in the internal Palestinian affairs and its refusal to hold the electoral process in the city of Jerusalem. By doing this, the occupation authorities threaten the entire electoral process and deprive about 120 thousand residents of the city of Jerusalem of their right to elect and their right of political participation and self-determination. All this is happening while the Security Council is scheduled to hold an open session on April 22 to ensure the conduct of the electoral process in Palestine.

The Association confirmed in its letter that the occupation authorities are pursuing a policy of systematic arrests of some candidates in order to discourage them from running for elections or to hinder their electoral campaigns. On Tuesday, 6/4/2021, the occupation forces arrested candidate Hassan Muhammad Ali al-Wardian, No. 19 for the Jerusalem is Our Date list, and transferred him to administrative detention for four months. The occupation forces also arrested at dawn on Tuesday 4/13/2021, the candidate Najeh Abdullah Abd al-Mu’ti Asi, No. 24 on the same list, while the administrative detention was extended for the fourth time to the candidate Raafat Jamil Abd al-Rahman Nassif, No. 13 of the same list.

In its letter, the Association urged the international community to exert international, legal and diplomatic pressure to oblige the occupation authorities to stop these blatant interference in the electoral process in the Palestinian territories until the holding of elections in occupied Jerusalem, the release of the detained candidates and ensuring their practice of political life without any interference from the occupier.

Human Rights Institutions Association – HRIA

April 18, 2021

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