In a letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and a number of international bodies and personalities, HRIA condemns the policy of demolition and displacement pursued by the Israeli occupation authorities in the city of Jerusalem

In a letter sent to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and a number of international bodies and personalities, Human Rights Institutions Association – HRIA condemned the escalation of violations by the occupation authorities and the racist policy of demolition pursued by the occupation forces. The Association also called for exerting pressure on the occupation government to immediately stop these violations, and stressed the need to activate a fact-finding committee to investigate the demolition crimes committed by the occupation authorities against the occupied city of Jerusalem.

According to the follow-up of the Association, during March 2021, the Israeli occupation authorities demolished 15 homes and 5 commercial establishments and threatened to demolish 10 facilities. The Association recorded 7 attacks by settlers and Al Aqsa was stormed 145 times by approximately 3885 settlers. During March, the occupation forces arrested 169 Jerusalemites, including 21 children and 3 women. At a time that the Israeli occupation authorities demolish Palestinian homes and put obstacles to prevent the issuance of building permits to Palestinians despite their urgent and growing need for them, these authorities approve building permits for thousands of housing units for Israeli settlements to be built on Jerusalem lands, violating all customs, laws and international agreements, without any party holding them accountable for these grave breaches.

In its letter, the Association urged for fairness to the basic rights of the residents of Jerusalem, which are guaranteed by all international laws and norms.  The Association also affirmed that demolition and construction operations in the city of Jerusalem are absolutely impermissible, and called for the support of the position rejecting the policy of demolition and putting an end to the illegal Israeli occupation actions that threaten the Palestinian presence, change the features of Jerusalem, and threaten international peace and security.

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