Through a letter to Mladenov: HRIA expressed his shock at Mladenov’s statement in the Security Council about the suffering of the Palestinians

HRIA expressed his shock at Mladenov’s statement in the Security Council on August 27, 2020, in which he linked the current crisis that the residents of the Gaza Strip are going through, like power cuts due to the Israeli refusal to allow the entry of the fuel necessary to operate the only power station in the Gaza strip and the serious repercussions that had on the daily life of the citizens and the capabilities of the local authorities in facing the spread of the Corona epidemic, with the Palestinian reactions in resisting the Israeli siege and their attempts to exert pressure on the occupation authorities to end the siege and allow the entry of humanitarian needs to confront the Corona epidemic, which is part of the responsibilities of the Israeli occupation authorities as the occupying power under international law.

HRIA said that Mladenov’s attempt to link what the Palestinians are doing in order to defend themselves and to convey their message to the world to see what they are suffering from as a result of the Israeli occupation organized military operations, the ongoing closure of the Gaza Strip crossings, and the preventing of the entry of the necessary humanitarian needs is only an attempt to evade his responsibility and role, and that the real problem is the continued occupation of the Palestinian lands, the ongoing siege on the Gaza Strip, and the ongoing pressure on its residents to submit to the Israeli occupation and its policies

HRIA urged Mladenov to exert pressure on the occupation authorities to fulfill their legal obligations towards the residents of the occupied Palestinian territories, and to bring in the health supplies, medical devices and laboratory examination supplies necessary to confront this global pandemic, so that the medical authorities can deal with this virus. It also urged him to work with his partners in the international community in order to implement the UN resolutions and recommendations related to the necessity of immediately lifting the siege on the Gaza Strip and allowing the entry of the fuel needed to operate the only power plant in the Gaza Strip..

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