Human Rights Institutions Association – HRIA A call for Urgent Action to Stop the Crime of Demolishing Jerusalemites’ Homes and Displacing them from the City

The Israeli occupation authorities are embarking on a massive demolition and evacuation east of Jerusalem that includes the displacement of about 550 Jerusalem families, with the aim of changing the historical reality of the city from a demographic, administrative, and legal point of view, and to impose racist domination on the Palestinians and weaken their ability and will, within the framework of their systematic violations of the principles of international law, and as an extension of their policy of dispossession of the occupied Palestinian territories by force. Since the beginning of its occupation of the Palestinian territories, the Israeli occupation authorities have been working to break up and displace the Palestinian people through land expropriation and displacement of people in the Palestinian territories in general and in the city of Jerusalem in particular

The demolition and displacement east of Jerusalem comes as a preliminary step to the annexation of lands built on it, in implementation of the annexation plan to be imposed by de facto. We draw your attention that the policy of house demolitions in the city of Jerusalem aimed at changing the historical status of the city of Jerusalem, which constitutes a clear violation of the rules and customs of international law and the Charter of the United Nations, particularly Security Council Resolutions (252/1968, 267/1969, 298/1971, 446 / 1979, 476/1980, 2334/2016), and many relevant United Nations General Assembly resolutions, which prohibit any actions that would change the legal, historical, and demographic character of the city of Jerusalem, and refused to recognize the actions of the Israeli occupation authorities as an occupying Power and considered them invalid and illegal

On the other hand, the policy of seizing lands, displacing the original inhabitants and replacing them with the citizens of the occupied state violates the customs and laws of war, particularly the Hague Convention and the Geneva Conventions of 1949. According to international criminal law and the statute of the International Criminal Court, it is an international crime that requires punishment

Aware of your role and responsibilities, you have a moral and legal responsibility to bring justice for the Palestinian people. We look forward to your active role in implementing international legitimacy decisions and principles of international law. We address your human conscience and your moral responsibilities to intervene to stop the demolition process in the occupied Jerusalem and the displacement of its residents. We also urge you to exert the necessary pressure to discourage the Israeli occupation from continuing the implementation of its annexation plan of the occupied Palestinian territories…

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