Human Rights Institutions Association – HRIA Welcomes the European Court’s Decision Regarding the BDS

HRIA welcomed the decision of the European Court of Human Rights regarding the BDS which was issued on Thursday 11/06/2020June 11, 2020. The decision stated that the actions of the BDS do not fall within the acts of violence, incitement or racism, but rather within the framework of freedom of opinion and expression protected under Article No. (10) of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The association said in a press statement this morning that this decision was fair to a group of BDS activists in France. The Criminal Chamber of the Court of Cassation had ruled against them for having raised slogans calling for boycotting the products of the Israeli settlements displayed in a store in Alsace – French.

The association emphasized that the decision of the European Court on boycott campaign activities is consistent with the rules of the international justice through the application of international agreements and the guarantee of freedom of opinion and expression, and that any action of that nature is legitimate and permissible as long as it uses peaceful means, and doesn’t lead to violence, riots, incitement, hatred or discrimination.

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