HRIA expresses its full solidarity with the International Criminal Court

Human Rights Institutions Association – HRIA in Palestine expresses its full solidarity with the International Criminal Court over the sanctions imposed by the American administration against it and its officials, on Thursday, against the background of the court performing its duties.

The association said that this decision would hinder the function of the court and prevent it from achieving the goals and objectives of its establishment. It also would prejudice the victims’ right to a remedy and access to justice.

The association stressed that the independence of the International Criminal Court is one of the main guarantees for achieving international justice, adding that the decision of US President Donald Trump reflects his lack of respect for the rule of law and his encouragement of impunity.

Within the framework of the endless support of the American administration for the crimes and violations of the Israeli occupation authorities in the occupied Palestinian territories; the association expressed its support for the judges of the International Court and the Prosecutor regarding the situation in Palestine and against the threats and actions of the American administration, and welcoming and supporting of the Prime Minister of the Israeli occupation state and its ministers for the decision of sanctions against the court and its officials and judges.

HRIA urged the states parties to reinforce the role and work of the court, firmly confront the decision of the US administration, work to ensure lasting respect for international justice, and to protect the rights of victims of crimes within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, as stipulated in the Rome Statute.

Palestinian human rights institutions appreciated the role and efforts of the International Criminal Court and argues for moving forward in the fight against impunity.

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